Windward Oahu Business Expo Presentation: Leveraging for Linchpins

My School, Le Jardin Academy, along with the Kailua Chamber of Commerce hosted the 2012 Windward Business Expo 

and asked me to present. I decided that the most applicable topic would be my Personal Branding presentation from Punahou Lab School (augmented to include a business leader perspective). I fashioned the title after Seth Godin’s marvelous book: Linchpin.

Here’s the overview:

Leveraging Tech for Linchpins

If you are an entrepreneur, or a creative leader in your field, you are more significant than your current situation. It’s time to leverage the web to show how indispensible you are.  In his best-seller Linchpin, author Seth Godin identifies linchpins a people who “stand out…invent, lead (regardless of their title), connect others, make things happen…delight and challenge their customers and peers…and turn each day into a kind of art”. How do you go about creating a personal brand that transcends your company? This workshop offers tips on clever and responsible use of social media, as well as elegant and innovative tools to augment your digital presence and networking. Please bring a device of your choice.

It was difficult to prepare for, as I had just returned from 3 separate presentations in Canada and the SOTF conference (my presentation on Data Viz in the classroom), AND I was nursing  a fever. All went well, however.

Here is a brief slide show intro I used to give my audience some perspective:

Leveraging4Linchpins (Keynote converted to PPT)

Slideshare: (fancy-schmancy transitions not working)

CLICK HERE FOR THE SITE: “Leveraging for Legacy”

The particular part of the site dedicated to professionals looks like this:

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 10.15.44 AM