Infographicmania! Schools of the Future Conference, 2012

The “Stained glass windows of our century”

I think I’ve always been a little obsessed with data visualization – perhaps it’s because I have a thing for mid-century minimalism and many “infographics” and other examples of data viz embody that.

Like this one:


In the past couple of years I’ve used data visualization in the high school classroom in the Theory of Knowledge course (as an exploratory theme addressing sense perception, the arts, the nature of data/information, etc.) and in World History (as a culminating unit project).

***scroll to bottom of post for links to these

Personally, I think analyzing, interpreting, critiquing, and even creating visualizations with data sets is an essential part of media literacy.

I’ve been a part of the Hawaii Association of Independent SchoolsSchools of the Future grant program (and a team member at my school) for the past 4 years. In 2011 I co-presented in a workshop about E-Portfolios (which led to some of my personal branding efforts later).

For this year’s SOTF Conference at the Hawaii Convention Center I was privileged to present


Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 10.10.13 PM

Site link:

Once again, I found that creating an HTML website using Wix allowed me to embed and organize all the elements I wanted, set up a contact page for further queries, and offer the attendees something of a “digital goodie bag” to take home.


Links to some of my other Theory of Knowledge posts on Data Viz:


Personal Branding with DigiPorts (my talk at Schools of the Future)

Find more videos like this on Schools of the Future

Here’ s my actual Prezi with links…I was a bit rushed in the actual presentation…


Freaking Out- well just a tad

Today I had (I think) a pretty successful parent night at school. Lots of people came up to me after my spiel and expressed gratitude for “being such a cool, enthusiastic” teacher. Some said they even wanted to be in my class. 

I’m having a difficult time enjoying those thoughts, however, because my mind is preoccupied with a bazillion things related to “Historyteachers”.So far here’s what is on the agenda:

Sept. 3: Photo shoot for TEDx (plus send updated bio)

Sept. 6: Marco Torres workshop

Sept. 8: my Schools of the Future presentation on Digital Portfolios

Sept. 9: my kid’s bday – gotta bring cupcakes to class

Sept. 10: my kid’s bday party at the house (read: clean!!!)

Sometime prior to 10/1: renew driver’s license

Oct. 1: my bday

Oct. 17: Blog post for due

Oct. 19: presentation at E Learning

Nov. 1: TEDx Honolulu***

****sometime prior need to make video, write, practice, hopefully fit into outfit