A Blanket and a Good Education

The other day my daughter and I were driving in a not so affluent – let’s just call it sketchy- part of town. She suddenly exclaimed: “Why do people have to live in crap?”.


1. Bad parenting tip #1– overuse words like “crap” so that your 6 year old will repeat them at will.


2. Good parenting tip #1– Use random opportunities like car chitchat time for in depth discussions on economics, socio-economic distinctions, birth control and education reform.


And yes, I am serious – we discussed all of the above in about 2 blocks.

To sum it up, she postulated that people didn’t have a lot of extra cash because they probably had too many kids per family, and spoiled them rotten (pot calling kettle?). In reality, she said, a kid only needed 3 things in life:


1. enough to eat- but not treats


2. a blanket to keep them warm (mind you, it’s 85 degrees outside)


3. a good education

When we got home I refrained from showing her Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk but we did indulge in a little Jamie Oliver on the tele. Bring on the revolution! (oh- but don’t forget your blanket!)