Kukulu Kaiaulu: aka the Kamehameha Conference with Michael Wesch


I really wanted to go to this conference, even if it meant rushing to get my grades turned in early (the caveat so I could attend). The main reason was Michael Wesch. 

I was first made aware of Wesch when Alejandro Piscitelli mentioned us both in the same sentence.


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Then, after meeting Curt Bonk and speaking at the AACE conference, I noticed he’d gone to visit and interview Wesch.



I have to admit I was more than thrilled to go to his session and hear his keynote. He was approachable, kind, inspiring, and intelligent- everything a speaker / educator should be!

I’ve showed many of Wesch’s videos in my Theory of Knowledge course when we discuss “rethinking education”, and the students really dig him.

Attached are the conference offerings in pdf form:

Download this file

The first keynote was Will Richardson. He has a great message, but I was a bit disappointed how similar it was to this talk, which I had just shared with my students. 



He was kind enough to reply to this tweet I made after a student wrote that she loved it.


I was a bit active in the TodaysMeet backchannel, which you can view HERE

Some other highlights were connecting with fellow Hawaii educators Elizabeth Garrison of St. Anthony School (we worked together on the Schools of the Future e-portfolio presentation in 2010), Billie Napoleon of Mid-Pac and Doug Kiang from Punahou (after working together at Punahou Lab and speaking at Ignite, we are both now interested in leading a cohort for next year’s Punahou Lab).

OK, so here are some of my big takeaway resources from all of the above:

In his session where we made a movie in an hour, Wesch told us about these jewels:

DIG.CCMIXTER This is great for finding Creative Commons music for projects. 

JAMENDO Also for finding copyright-free or liberally licensed music.

DEEPLINKS – allows you to share specific moments in  a YouTube video


NEWSJACK.IN – remix the news!


I went to every session Doug did, and HERE’S THE LINK TO EVERYTHING

Doug shared this, and I think I will use it!


REMIND101 (for ability to text students without any parties knowing  phone numbers)

Since he presented about running his course like a start-up, he offered this site:

CHALLENGE-BASED LEARNING (with those MythBusters guys)

I forgot who reminded me of this, but it’s a great resource chock full of goodies


The site also includes a page on Educational Twitter Hashtags

Billie used Diigo as a Social Bookmarking tool (I use it but not quite to its full advantage), so I was happy she shared this resource

View on screencast.com »

She also shared this Fake Texting tool: http://ifaketext.com/

and SCREENR for screencasting


As always, Elizabeth was organized to the T and offered a Web Site with her resources on using the ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE (includes Prezi and links)

I’m not recalling who shared this, but it’s a bit like THINGLINK

SONICPICS – add voice to your images