Freaking Out- well just a tad

Today I had (I think) a pretty successful parent night at school. Lots of people came up to me after my spiel and expressed gratitude for “being such a cool, enthusiastic” teacher. Some said they even wanted to be in my class. 

I’m having a difficult time enjoying those thoughts, however, because my mind is preoccupied with a bazillion things related to “Historyteachers”.So far here’s what is on the agenda:

Sept. 3: Photo shoot for TEDx (plus send updated bio)

Sept. 6: Marco Torres workshop

Sept. 8: my Schools of the Future presentation on Digital Portfolios

Sept. 9: my kid’s bday – gotta bring cupcakes to class

Sept. 10: my kid’s bday party at the house (read: clean!!!)

Sometime prior to 10/1: renew driver’s license

Oct. 1: my bday

Oct. 17: Blog post for due

Oct. 19: presentation at E Learning

Nov. 1: TEDx Honolulu***

****sometime prior need to make video, write, practice, hopefully fit into outfit