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BCSSTA Conference and High School Presentations

this post is a work in progress…please check back later

In Spring of 2011 I was asked by Dale Martelli, an excellent B.C. teacher and fan of my YouTube work, to do a little meet-n-greet with his bevy of History students visiting Hawaii (because we have Pearl Harbor and all that jazz). We had a great time chatting it up about education at dinner, and he promptly asked if I would consider applying to speak at the British Columbia Social Studies Teachers‘ annual conference (BCSSTA)  in the Fall. I’ve always loved Vancouver, so I really couldn’t pass it up. In the end I met some wonderful people (both fellow educators and students), and received some excellent feedback.

I. Crofton House (students of Brenda Ball; teachers)

I was greeted at the YVR airport Wed., Oct. 17 by the energetic and stunning Brenda Ball (@misssball ).


She joined me later at my hotel (the Moda Hotel– highly recommend) for a bite to eat and a bit of a chat. What wonderful food and convo! It would be the first of many dinner dates.


The next day (rainy, go figure) I was dropped off by cab to the lovely Crofton House (an all girls’ school) where Brenda had scheduled some time for me to meet with her upperclassmen History students, and then do a brief P.D. session with a small group of teachers.


As one can see, the facilities were modern and exquisite – and there were Macs everywhere! And tea!

I decided that, for the students, I’d give what I’d hope would be a humorous but poignant look into the Creative Process and what I’ve learned from my experiences stemming from the History for Music Lovers Project.

I developed a Keynote presentation with lots of images, a simple font, and a sprinkling of embedded video. I encouraged students to tweet through the presentation, and a couple took me up on it (using the hashtag #cr8 )

It was broken into 4 parts:

1. Triumph Over Adversity

2. Creativity

3. Storytelling

4. Guides for Life

Here is the Keynote converted to PPT:


And the version as a film:

For the teachers, I gave an abbreviated version of my BCSSTA presentation – basically taking them through the web site resources and student exemplars I had curated (see below)

II. The British Columbia Social Studies Teachers’ Association (BCSSTA) Conference, Oct. 19 2012

Theme: Rights and Responsibilities: Thinking and Acting Globally and Locally

Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 10.46.20 AM


III. Vancouver Tech Student presentation

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